Attention to detail

We realise just how crucial all those little points are to you both on your special day and also appreciate just how busy you will be, even if you don't quite realise it yet. This is why we offer free no obligation face to face meetings with your dj to ensure that you are happy that it will be a good fit and all those small points are dealt with in advance leaving you free to enjoy your day comfortable in the knowledge that we are there for you.


We can provide background music either side of the ceremony as well as your actual ceremony music. If you require sound reinforcement or lighting enhancement for your venue this can be provided as well.

Wedding Breakfast & Speeches

With the ceremony complete we can continue to help with your guests by providing background music for the rest of the day. Arranging the receiving line for the drinks reception, introducing the happy couple to the wedding breakfast and providing personalised introductions for the speeches. Radio microphones can also be provided if your venue requires it. If you require additional lighting to keep to your theme this can also be provided.


This is the part of the day when you get to have some fun with your guests and let someone else take over the hard work. From your First Dance all night long we will keep the party jumping.


Why not provide your guests with a spectacular end to a spectacular day. It really is the ultimate display and will leave guests of all ages with a lasting impression of your evening.


Whether it's a marquee, some extra entertainment, inflatables or a Fun Casino, we can add that extra special dimension that will remind people how special your day was.

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