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Wedding Disco

You have made it through the Wedding Day itself, now its time to party.


This is the part of the day when you get to have some fun with your guests and let someone else take over the hard work. We pride ourselves in the professionalism of our DJ's in making this happen. From the "First Dance" to the "Last Dance" of the evening, our team have years of experience in how to read a dance floor - you can always be sure sure that our team will play what your guests want to hear and not their own personal choice of music.

We encourage you to help us prepare for your event by sharing with us your favourite music - letting us have some idea of the songs that you as the V.I.P. guests would really like to be an integral part of your evening. Some people prefer to let us handle the whole thing and go with the crowd on the night.

Bride and groom having a first dance

Our DJ's

This is where our DJ's really come into their own, managing all your choices with both requests and the pattern of the dancing - our aim is that no-one goes home disappointed. All of our DJ's carry an extensive library of songs and if you want something just that little out of the ordinary, we can ensure that they have what you require by ensuring that all songs are sourced well ahead of time. All of this leads to a successful party which your guests will be talking about for a long time to come and most importantly of all, one which you will enjoy being at too.

There is no such thing as the "Standard Wedding" party, each is unique and special in its own way and it is our ability to adapt to this that really sets us aside. You may simply want a mixing DJ or have a big personality DJ to whip all your guests up carry them all partying on into the small hours - we have a team with a wide range of skills and specialties - this allows us to select the DJ perfect for your day - of course if you wish to select a particular DJ - many people come with a recommendation from having partied with one before then we will do our best to accomodate this.

However, rest assured, whatever your choice of music policy and style of your party - you can guarantee that any of our team of DJ's will encompass your wishes in a professional manner. We can also provide Sparkle Fountains, Fireworks and much more to help your special day end in a spectacular way.

We always remember that ultimately, this is your big day. As long as we have sufficient notice and permission of the venue we can be there in advance of the event to setup and then make the equipment as discrete as possible. If already set up, we can also provide radio microphones for speeches. Please get in touch so that we can discuss what we can provide for your special day to make it end on the highest note possible.

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Bride and groom having a first dance in front of their cake