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Fireworks Packages

Just Fireworks

If you are looking for just a firework display without any extra music then you should calculate your budget on approximately £160 per minute to give you a spectacular display.

We do offer a super value budget all in display that lasts about 5 minutes proving that fireworks can be a non-expensive awesome addition to any event.

Pyro-musical Display

From only £1,000 we can tailor a display to your choice of song, whether this be your wedding song or any other favourite for a birthday party it really is the ultimate in fireworks.

You should calculate your budget on a cost per minute from a minimum of £250, through recommended £300 up to £400 for an outstanding display. All other costs such as PA equipment are included for a musical display.

All about Fireworks

How does it work

We are proud to guarantee all your budget goes on fireworks. We work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your display. Simply work with us to choose your perfect display and leave the rest to us.


Safety is paramount, fireworks are explosives. This is why we provide trained firing teams. We also make a site visit before planning the display to determine if there are any extra factors that need to be considered.


If you want fireworks at an event, it is worth checking with the venue if they will allow them. We will then liase with them on your behalf, providing everything they require so that all you need to do is to watch the end result.

Firing Teams

We are very proud of our Firing Teams. As well as being highly trained, they all share a passion for fireworks and providing excellent displays. They will set-up the display, fire it and clear the site.

Any Questions?

Our friendly, expert staff are here to answer any questions that you may have regarding displays. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

All Ready, Lets Go!

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